|  Before Children...

Before the kids there were late nights, parties, high adventures in far off places, morning handover cures.
It was just not the same without them...

First I was gallivanting around Hong Kong before I decided to return to the US

Remembering Lamma
Hong Kong '95-'98

Then I met Joan and we had some kitties

Christmas '99
The Kitties

Then we squeezed in a wedding

Wedding Party!
Honeymoon in Bath
Christmas 2000
The Baby Shower

You Need More...

I have been busy pulling together old photos from shoeboxes under staircases and from various attics going back to the 70s and before. Previous generations are there from all our families, from Cyprus to Scotland, Mauritius to Switzerland so you may find yourself in there too. No bad haircut or fashion faux-pas left unturned.

If you are interested send me an email and I will send you a link so that you can browse them on-line.


...and the rest you know!